Connecting your Fastmail calendar

We integrate with Fastmail to allow you to check for calendar conflicts and create events! Here's how to set up your Fastmail calendar integration.

Create an app-specific password

Before connecting your Fastmail calendar, you'll need to create an app-specific password. This app-specific password is different from your regular password. Fastmail requires you to use an app-specific password and to have two-factor authentication enabled to connect to third-party applications like SavvyCal

To create an app-specific password:

  1. Visit your Third-party apps settings here:
  2. Enter your password if prompted:
  3. Click "New App Password" and choose "Calendars (CalDAV)" under the "Access" list:
    Leave the "Read-only access" box unchecked and click "Generate Password".
  4. Copy the generated password.

Add your Fastmail calendar in SavvyCal

Head to the Integrations area in SavvyCal and scroll down to the Calendars section. Then, click "Add a calendar account" and select "Fastmail Calendar":

Enter your Fastmail email address and paste in your app-specific password.

That's it! You should now see a list of your Fastmail calendars in your Calendars area. Toggle on the calendars that you'd like to check for conflicts. You may also wish to update your default calendar for storing new events.

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