Transferring your username to a different organization

Every SavvyCal user has a unique username under which they can create scheduling links. Your username can be found under your Profile settings:

When you upgrade to a paid subscription of your own (or join another organization), your username is associated with that paid organization. This association permits the owner (and any admins) of the organization to view and manage scheduling links under your username.

In most cases, you'll never need to transfer the ownership of your username. But, suppose you have your own personal SavvyCal subscription and then later decide to join a different company that also uses SavvyCal. You may decide it's best to just let the company pay for your SavvyCal account (instead of maintaining your own subscription). If you wish to keep using your individual username for scheduling links and you consent to give the new company administrative access to links under your username, then you'll need to transfer ownership of your username to the new company.

To transfer your username, first, browse to the organization that you are transferring ownership from under Settings > Organizations. In the case of this example, that would be your old personal subscription that you've canceled.

Then, scroll to "My Personal Username" and click "Transfer to a different organization".

Finally, choose the new organization and click "Transfer username".

That's it! As long as the new organization remains active, you'll be able to create and activate scheduling links under your username!

A note about data privacy

Depending on the situation, you may prefer to create a new SavvyCal account when joining a new organization instead of using your existing SavvyCal account. When you transfer ownership of your username, this gives the new organization the right to view links and event history associated with your username.

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