Prefilling data on scheduling links

One way to make your scheduling experience a bit more convenient and show your link recipients you are willing to do some legwork is personalization. There are two methods for doing this in SavvyCal.

Method 1: Create a personalized link

The advantage of this approach is that it allows you to customize all properties of the scheduling link for the individual recipient, such as the link title, description, availability settings, etc. Personalized links can also be enabled and disabled, just like a regular non-personalized link.

If you have an existing generic link you'd like to use as a starting point, you can duplicate it here:

Otherwise, you can click New and create on from scratch. Then, you can freely edit any properties of the new link you just created.

To add recipient information, click Attendees and then expand Prefill recipient info. There you can enter in their name and/or their email address.

Now, the recipient will see their name on the link and will not have to type it in manually when they click a time slot.

Method 2: Prefill data via the query string

If you don't need all the control that a personalized link affords you and instead just want to prefill the recipient's info on one of your generic links, you can pass that information in the link query string. For example:

You can pass the following parameters in the query string to personalize the link. All values should be properly URL-encoded.

Property Description
email The scheduler's email address to prefill.
display_name The scheduler's first and last name to prefill.
phone The scheduler's phone number to prefill. The number should be provided as a numeric string, beginning with the country code (without parentheses, spaces, or dashes). For example, to prefill with the number (800) 555-0100, set the query string to value 18005550100 .
from The earliest date to show on the calendar view (e.g. 2020-01-20 ).

The time zone in which to display the calendar.

Be careful! This will override the auto-detected time zone, which is usually what you want to use.

You can also prefill answers to custom questions like this: questions[0]=Answer+to+first+question (where questions[0] corresponds to the first question, questions[1] corresponds to the second question, and so on). 

If the question is a checkbox (multiple-choice) question, then you can pre-select multiple options by separating them with a pipe (|) character. For example, if you have a checkbox question where "Pizza" and "Beer" are both valid options, then the following would preselect both options: questions[0]=Pizza|Beer .

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