Ranked availability

The ranked availability feature is designed to help you present your optimal times to meet first while offering additional availability as a fallback if your first choice times don't work for the recipient. To get started, head to the Availability page and configure your presets (for example, "Work Hours" representing any time during your work day, and "Afternoons" representing just afternoon times).

Suppose you want to offer Afternoons initially but expand to Work Hours if needed. You can accomplish this by using the "Ranked Schedules" mode for availability.

Open the link editor for your scheduling link and click the Availability section. Then, click on the organizer and choose the "Ranked Schedules" mode.

Then, you can add and reorder your presets as desired. In the configuration above, we will first present the scheduler with your Afternoon hours only. After a few seconds, if they haven't selected a time yet, a prompt (Having trouble finding a time? Show more) will appear that allows them to see more options.

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