Setting up a team

Teams allow you to invite your colleagues to use SavvyCal under one billing account and to create scheduling links under your company brand (e.g. instead of your individual name. Teams also enable you to add your teammates to scheduling links. There's no additional cost for creating teams unless you invite teammates (in which case the organization that owns the team will be charged for each seat used).

Creating a team

To create a team, click New and choose "Team."

Once you've created your team, you can invite people to join (or add existing members of your organization) here:

When someone joins your team and you have a paid account, they will inherit your paid account permissions. (However, if they wish to create their own teams, they will need to upgrade to their own paid subscription).

We will automatically adjust your billing subscription quantity to account for the number of team members you have. If needed, you can create multiple teams -- you will not be double-charged for the same user being a member of multiple teams that you own.

Creating links under a team

Once you have a team, you can choose to create links under that team (instead of under your personal URL).

Links that you create under a team will have the team URL prefix and use the branding settings configured for the team.

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