Configuring buffers

Buffers allow you to enforce rules around how closely new events can be scheduled next to existing events on your calendar. You can configure your default settings here (scroll down to "Buffers"), or on an individual link-basis (under the "Settings" area on a link editor).

There are three settings you can configure:

  • Before Events: the amount of time to keep open before a new event.
  • After Events: the amount of time to keep open after a new event.
  • Minimum Notice: the minimum amount of time after "now" before someone is allowed to schedule an event.

Suppose you want to make sure you have 10 minutes of free time before a call to prepare, and 30 minutes of time reserved after a call (in case it runs a little bit over time). You can enforce these constraints like this:

Are my buffers backward?

Suppose you have a non-SavvyCal-initiated event on your calendar called "Busy Event" and you have 10 minutes before and 30 minutes after buffers configured.

Since this "Busy Event" doesn't have any buffers of its own, this is how it will be padded on your scheduling link:

Initially, this looks backward: why is my 30-minute "after buffer" occurring before the event? The reason is because the buffers apply to the (hypothetical) new event that someone might schedule in those spots, so the 30-minute after buffer applies to the range of time before that already-existing event.

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