Time blocks to define availability

The time blocks feature allows you to define when you are available based on whether a specially named calendar event exists on your calendar. If you plan out your scheduling using calendar events, you'll likely find this feature quite helpful!

Configuring time blocks

Head to your Availability settings and choose an existing preset (or add a new one). On the left-hand side, click "Add a time block":

Then, enter the name of the calendar event that you would like to define as "available" for this preset:

You can choose the "contains" operator to partially match against the event title, or "equals" to match the exact event title. (Note: matching is always case-insensitive, so you don't have to match upper & lowercase characters exactly.)

With this configuration example above, you'll be marked as available anywhere you have an event that contains the word Meetings in the title.

Note that we will take conflict calendar events into account and subtract them from your time block availability:

Force-allowed time blocks

Sometimes you may want a time block to override conflicting calendar events. For example, suppose you have an all-day event called "Vacation" that is set to busy so that your schedule fully is blocked by default. If you wanted to use a "Meetings" time block to override your "Vacation" busy event, you can accomplish this by including the text [Force] in the name of the time block event:

In this example, the time block is configured to match on any event where the name contains the word Meetings . By naming the time block event on your calendar Meetings [Force] , this time block will override the busy blockout caused by the "Vacation" event.

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