Collecting payments with Stripe

Our Stripe integration allows you to collect payments during the scheduling flow. This is perfect for freelancers and consultants who need to charge their clients when they book a time.

Things you'll need before you get started:

  • A Stripe account
  • A SavvyCal account on the Premium tier

Connect your Stripe account to SavvyCal

Head to your Integrations page and click the + icon next to Stripe:

Then, follow the prompts to connect your account.

You should see a green checkmark on the Stripe integration once complete.

Once you've created your products in Stripe, head to your scheduling link editor, click Booking Page Options, then click Payments. Toggle on Collect payments for this scheduling link and choose the product and settings.

Click + Add a product to create your product in Stripe if you haven't already:

Now, your public booking page will display the price for the meeting in the sidebar and the first prompt will be to Proceed to checkout.

Next, the scheduler will be redirected to the Stripe Checkout flow. We'll mark the scheduled time slot for 10 minutes while the scheduler finishes checking out.

Once the scheduler completes checkout, we'll mark the event as "confirmed" and send out calendar invitations to all the attendees. If the scheduler does not complete checkout, we'll mark the event as expired and release the time slot.

Common Questions

  • Do you automatically issue a refund if a paid meeting is canceled?

    No. Since there are fees associated with issuing refunds, we've left this decision up to the organizer on when and if it is appropriate to issue a refund.

  • Why are Apple Pay and Google Pay not available? Follow these instructions to configure your Payment Methods and ensure they are toggled on. When you enable Stripe Tax in Checkout, Google Pay is only available to customers for sessions that require collecting a shipping address. Apple Pay with Stripe Tax displays only when the customer’s browser supports Apple Pay version 12.

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