Integrating with SquadCast

SquadCast is a leading remote podcast recording service. It allows you to connect with one or more guests virtually and record high-quality audio (and video) right from your web browser. With our integration, you can automatically attach a unique recording session to your calendar events when someone books a time to record!

Generate an API key in SquadCast

To get started, you'll need an API key for your SquadCast account. In Squadcast, click the three bars menu in the upper-left and navigate to Settings. Then, click Developers in the left-hand navigation and click the Create API Secret Key button.

Enter a "Key Name" and click Create.

Click the three-dots menu next to your new API key and click Copy to Clipboard.

In your SavvyCal account, head to Settings > Integrations. Click the + icon next to SquadCast and paste your API key. Then, click Save.

When editing your scheduling links, you can now use SquadCast as a location option.

When someone uses your link, we'll automatically create a new session in your SquadCast account and link to it in the calendar invite:

You'll find your new session in your SquadCast account, all ready to go when it's time to record!

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