Integrating with Close CRM

The SavvyCal + Close CRM integration allows you to automatically send lead information to your Close account anytime someone books a meeting. 

When you connect your Close account, we'll create a custom activity type called SavvyCal. When someone books via a scheduling link with the integration enabled, we'll create a lead/contact (if one doesn't already exist for the scheduler) and record a custom activity with various metadata about the scheduled event.

Follow the instructions below to get your Close account connected to SavvyCal!

Connecting your Close account

In your SavvyCal account, browse to Integrations and click the "+" button on the Close app:
You'll be redirected to Follow the prompt to grant SavvyCal access to your Close organization:
Your account is now linked! 🎉 Next, you'll learn how to enable sending scheduler data over to your Close account on when specific scheduling links are used.

Enabling Close on your scheduling links

You will need to enable the integration for any links that you wish to share data with Close. Head to your SavvyCal links and open one that you want to send data to Close, then go to the link Settings.

Find the settings section for Integrations and toggle on the "Send event information to Close" setting:

Repeat this process, toggling on the feature for any other links you want to integrate with Close.

Viewing SavvyCal activity in Close

The links that you have integrated with Close will send data each time a meeting is scheduled. You should find a record for each meeting scheduler listed in Close under your Contacts, and opening those contacts should show a SavvyCal Custom Activity on their feed, including information about the meeting.

Note: Custom activities will only appear in the contact timeline if you are on a Close plan level that allows Custom Activities (Basic or higher) and you have not reached your limit for custom activities.

When we create a contact in your Close account, we'll also include a reference to the SavvyCal link in the contact description field.

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