Scheduling group meetings with polls

Meeting polls allow you to propose multiple time slots to a group of people and gather votes for the times that your attendees prefer.

To create a meeting poll, click "Meeting Poll" under the "New" menu.

Give your poll a name and click to select the time slots you'd like to propose to your attendees.

Anyone you send your poll link to will be able to vote. However, if you have teammates you know you'd like to invite, you can pre-add them to the poll and see their "Busy" times blocked out (so you'll have a greater chance of picking times when they can attend!).

You can also customize the calendar where the invite will be created, the duration of the meeting, and the location. You may optionally allow other voters to see who else has voted for which times, to help build consensus easier.

When you're ready, click Publish this poll. Copy your poll link to start sharing with your group.

We'll send you an email anytime someone submits your meeting poll. You can always view the progress on your poll after publishing:

When you're ready to choose a time, select the attendees you'd like to include on the calendar invite and click Schedule on your desired time slot.

Then, confirm the details for your event and click Send Invitations. That's it! Your meeting is now scheduled 🎉

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