Require approval for new events

One of the risks with sharing around a multi-use scheduling link is receiving bookings on your calendar that you did not agree to (how awkward!). This feature helps guard your time by allowing you to add an approval step before events make it to your calendar.

How it works

To require approval before events are confirmed for a specific scheduling link, head to Booking Page Options on your link and toggle on the Require approval setting, and click Save.

Now, when someone uses your link, they'll see that the event was "tentatively" scheduled, pending approval from the organizer. We'll hold off on creating a calendar event on your calendar until you approve the event (but we will hold the slot in SavvyCal to prevent someone else from booking at the same time).

As the organizer, you will receive an email letting you know action is required to approve (or decline) the event.

When you click the link, you can optionally leave a message and approve or decline the event.

If you approve, we'll send out a calendar invitation to all the attendees. If you decline, we'll email a notification to the scheduler letting them know.

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