Customizing your email address on scheduling links

When you create a SavvyCal scheduling link, we'll automatically determine which email address to use for you on event invitations:

  • If you've configured your link to create events on a Google or Microsoft calendar, we'll use the email address attached to that calendar account
  • Otherwise, we'll use your primary email address on file (the one you use to log in to SavvyCal)

If needed, you can override this default behavior by specifying an alternative email address. Here's how you do that!

Add a secondary email address

First, add the email address you wish to use on your Profile settings.

When you add an email, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to confirm you own the email address. Once confirmed, you can use that email address on your scheduling links.

Configure your links to use a specific email address

To override the organizer email address on a scheduling link, click Calendar Invitations and then click on the organizer. In the popup, toggle off "Use default email address on the invite" and select the desired email address.

That's it! We'll now use this email address for you on new events moving forward for this link.

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