Installing SavvyCal for Chrome

SavvyCal for Chrome is the easiest way to access your scheduling links and generate proposed time snippets from any web page. Our Google Chrome extension is available in the Chrome Web Store (and it also works in Microsoft Edge and Brave!).

Installation Instructions

To install SavvyCal for Chrome, head to the Chrome Web Store listing and click "Add to Chrome".

We recommend pinning the extension to your Chrome toolbar for easy access. To do this, click the puzzle icon and then click the pin icon next to the SavvyCal extension:

If you're not already signed in to SavvyCal in your browser, you'll be prompted to log in:

Once you're signed in, you should see your scheduling links in the popup.

To copy a scheduling link to your clipboard, click the "link" icon next to the link you'd like to share.

You may also click the "Insert" button next to the copy button to insert the link URL at your current cursor position.

Proposing times

To generate a snippet of proposed times to meet, click the "propose" button next to your link.

 Then, click the times you'd like to propose and hit the "Copy snippet" button.

Your snippet is now ready to paste anywhere (like the body of an email!).

The SavvyCal Chrome extension requires minimal permissions to do its job. We take privacy very seriously and will never read the contents of a webpage beyond what we need to perform the basic functions of the extension (inserting links).

By default, the extension does not have access to the contents of the webpages you view. When you click the "Insert" button for a link, we need to run a little bit of code on the page to tell the browser to insert the link URL at your cursor position. This is the only way we use on-page access.

To view and manage site access for the extension, click the "Manage extension" button here:

Then, scroll to the Site Access area to audit sites that the Chrome extension can see.

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