Customizing event names

You have full control over how your calendar events get named when someone uses your scheduling links. You can find the settings for event names by clicking Calendar Invitations in the left-hand sidebar of your scheduling link and expanding the Invitation Settings section.

Pre-configured event names

We offer several common event naming schemes for your scheduling links:

  • [Organizer] and [Scheduler]. For example, "Derrick Reimer and Taylor Sampson"
  • [Scheduler] and [Organizer]. For example, "Taylor Sampson and Derrick Reimer"
  • [Link Name]. For example, "Chat with Derrick"
  • [Link Name]: Attendees. For example, "Chat with Derrick: Taylor Sampson and Derrick Reimer"

If you'd like to use a custom event naming schema, choose the Custom option.

Custom event names

Once you select the Custom option, you may enter a free-form event name.

You'll often want to use dynamic data here, such as the name of the organizer, the name of the scheduler, or answers to custom questions asked on your booking page. You can accomplish this using Liquid template variables.

Here's a reference of the Liquid variables we support:

Variable Description
{{ }} The name of the scheduling link.
{{ scheduler.display_name }} The full name of the scheduler.
{{ scheduler.first_name }} The first name of the scheduler.
{{ scheduler.last_name }} The last name of the scheduler.
{{ scheduler.fields[0].value }} The answer to a custom question.
Use [0] for the first question, [1] for the second question, and so on.
{{ organizer.display_name }} The full name of the organizer.
{{ organizer.first_name }} The first name of the organizer.
{{ organizer.last_name }} The last name of the organizer.

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