Showing your name on Google Calendar invites

⚠️ The method outlined below no longer works, since Google Currents is now shutdown. We are on the lookout for a new method to force Google to use your name on Google Calendar invitation emails.

When you configure your SavvyCal scheduling links to create events on a Google Calendar account, the scheduler (and guests) will receive calendar invitation emails directly from your Google Calendar account. This is a similar notification flow to going directly to your Google Calendar, creating an event, and inviting guests.

By default, Google Calendar invitation emails are sent with a "From" name that only contains your email address. This means they appear in the recipient's Gmail inbox like this:

In this case, since my email address is, Gmail just shows the first part of my address in the From column. However, it's often preferable to instead show your full name rather than a truncated part of your email address. To accomplish this, you'll need to create a Google Currents profile following these simple steps.

Note: It appears this only works with Google Workspace user accounts, not free (personal) Gmail accounts.

First, navigate to You will likely see a screen similar to this:

Note: if you are logged into multiple Google accounts, click your avatar in the upper right to make sure you are on the right account!

Then, click the "Create Profile" button. You should be redirected to blank interface like this:

That's it! Now, when Google Calendar sends invites on your behalf, your name should appear in the recipients inbox.

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