Integrating with Slack

The SavvyCal Slack integration allows you to connect one (or more) Slack channels in your workspace and post messages there anytime an event is created, rescheduled, or canceled. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to connect your Slack workspace and how to configure a scheduling link to notify a Slack channel.

Connecting your Slack workspace

To connect Slack to your SavvyCal account, head to your Integrations page and click "Connect" on Slack:

In the authorization popup, select the channel you'd like to connect.

You should now see your newly connected channel on the integrations page in SavvyCal!

Now that you have a channel connected, you can configure specific links to post there.

Configuring a scheduling link to notify Slack

Navigate to the link editor for your Scheduling Link and click "Settings" in the left sidebar. Then, scroll to the Integrations section and click "Notify a Slack channel".

Select the channel you wish to notify and click "Notify channel" to confirm.

That's it! We'll now send messages to your Slack channel anytime that scheduling link is used (or events created with that link are modified).

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