Adding custom questions to scheduling links

Sometimes you need to gather additional information from schedulers, such as "What are we discussing today?" 

By default, we collect the scheduler's full name and email address. To add custom questions, click on the "Settings" button in the left sidebar:

Then, scroll down the the "Questions" section and click "+ Add a question":

We offer the following question types:

  • Long text. Accept multiple lines of text input.
  • Short text. Accept a single line of text input.
  • Checkboxes. Offer a list of options and accept multiple answers.
  • Radio Buttons. Offer a list of options and accept a single answer.
  • Select Menu. Offer a dropdown of options and accept a single answer.
  • URL. Accept a website address.
  • Hidden. The user will not be asked for this, it can only be prefilled from the query string. Learn more about prefilling data

Your custom questions will appear on the scheduling confirmation step:

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