How to embed SavvyCal on a Wix site

Wix is a tool to help you create a website without writing code. You can use the SavvyCal embed script to display your booking link directly on your Wix website.

First, sign in to your Wix account and select Edit Site to open your site editor.

Then, on the page where you want to show your scheduling link, click + Add Elements.

Choose the Embed Code option and click Embed HTML.

In the popup, choose the Code option under "What do you want to add?" and paste the inline embed code for your scheduling link in the code area. Replace the link property in the snippet below with your own link property.

<div id="booking-page">
  <!-- this is where we will inject the interface -->

<script async src=""></script>
  SavvyCal('inline', { link: 'REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_LINK', selector: '#booking-page' });

Here's where to find your link property in the SavvyCal interface:

It should look something like this once you save your settings:

Finally, adjust the size of the embed to your preferences. That's it!

Known Limitations

  • Redirecting to a custom confirmation URL is not supported, due to security restrictions enforced by Wix. If you need to redirect to a custom confirmation page, we recommend redirecting your schedulers directly to your scheduling link (on instead of using an embed.

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