Setting up a Sender Profile

Sender Profiles allows you to send automated SavvyCal emails from your personal email address instead of the default address ( The steps below walk through how to initially set up a new Sender Profile. To learn how to use a sender profile to send emails, see Sending Emails from Custom Addresses.

This feature is available on the Premium plan.

Creating a new Sender Profile

Navigate to your SavvyCal settings page. Scroll to the section labeled "Sender Profiles" and click the button to "Add a sender profile...".

Fill out the modal by selecting the individual or teams you want to give permission to as well as the domain you would like to send emails from. 

In order for us to verify that you have permission to send from this domain, you must set a few DNS records on the domain you selected. The required DNS records will be shown. Clicking on any field will copy that value to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it into your DNS configuration. 

Once you've updated your DNS records, you can click the "Check DNS settings" to have SavvyCal check to verify that it's set correctly. Although usually we should be able to pick up the changes after only a few minutes, occasionally it can take several hours for the DNS records to propagate to us.

After your DNS is verified, SavvyCal will be able to send from your custom domain!

See Sending Emails from Custom Addresses for more information about using Sender Profiles.

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