Sending Emails from Custom Addresses

Sender Profiles allows you to send automated SavvyCal emails from your personal email address instead of the default address ( Note that we can only send emails from a custom email address on a domain you own, not shared addresses like and

This feature is available on the Premium plan.

Configuring a Sender Profile

Before you continue make sure that you have:

  1. Created a Sender Profile for the domain you wish to send from (see Setting up a Sender Profile)
  2. Verified your email address (see adding a secondary email address)

Certain emails will automatically come from the meeting organizer once the Sender Profile is fully configured. This includes notifications when an event is created, updated, rescheduled, or canceled. Additionally, if you set up automated emails and reminders through Workflows, you can choose to have those come from the organizer as well. To do so, there's only a few steps.

Configuring a workflow

Reminder emails are configured in Workflows. To set the "From" address on a particular reminder to use the organizer's email address (instead of, open the workflow that contains that reminder. Within the workflow configuration, find the reminder you want to update and set the From field to "Organizer's email".

Now, anytime this workflow is run where the event organizer's email address has a Sender Profile configured, we will send it from that address.

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