Round robin scheduling links

Round robin scheduling links allow you to present the combined availability for a group of people and randomly choose one organizer who is available. This is great for tasks like booking sales calls or product demos, where you have a pool of people across whom you'd like to distribute meetings.

To get started, create a scheduling link from your Scheduling Links page:

Next, click "Add attendees" in the sidebar and select the teammate you'd like to add. If you don't have any teammates yet, here's how to get started with teams.

Then, select "Round Robin" as the pooling mode:

Now, recipients of this scheduling link will see all times when you or your teammate are available. When someone books a time, one of you who is available at that time will be randomly assigned as the organizer of the event. 

By default, we set each attendee's availability to their default Work Hours and their default conferencing provider. Attendees can find links they've been added to under their "Scheduling Links" page and customize their settings as needed.

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